Selling Antiques To Dealers: 3 Important Tips To Get The Best Price

selling antiquities to dealers

How to Get the Best Price Selling Antiques to Dealers

If you have some old items which you want to sell, then selling those antiques to dealers and pawn shops is an instant way to make some cash. However, you might not want to wait for the perfect retail customer to sell. Antique dealers and pawn shops buy old items from you to make money from them. However, they will not pay you the retail price either.

So, here are the tips for selling Antiques for cash –

1. Before Selling Antiques To Dealers Learn About the Antique That’s for Sale

There are so many people in the market who walk in with collectibles with absolutely no idea about the item/product’s value or history. This is one of the reasons common people use rare antiques.

Most people should have minor knowledge of what type of antique they own and what might be the worth of that antique before trying to sell it.

So, in the above case, you need to research as much as you can about the antique online, prior to approaching a dealer with a sale perspective. As long as you acquire knowledge, you’ll earn deep knowledge along with a good deal that you will be satisfied with.

2. Come Up with an Initial Price Point

Once you finish with all the detailed research, you come up with an initial price and are ready to come down from it. When the dealers ask you what would you expect in terms of the antique products at that time it would hit you with an immediate stall negotiation if you don’t have a price in mind.

We suggest you start at around 75% of your expected retail value and be prepared to come down to around 60% of the full value. If your value is off to start with, their dealer will let you know. Make sure the dealer can back up their pricing claims if the prices are way different than what you are looking for.

Most of the dealers want to buy antiques for around 40% -65 % of retail. Being an antique dealer is not easy as it seems, so don’t wait to get retail. You’ll observe dealers will be closer to retail only if they really want the chance to own the item.

3. Sell to a Dealer Who Has an Established Business That You Trust

If you have never been to an antique store before, it would be tough for you to find a place which is trustworthy. There are some antique dealers who try to pull people off and pay them pennies on the dollar for their antiques. These antique dealers generally don’t have an established storefront. A storefront that has been around for a long time speaks to an individual credibility. An online antique shop that has better feedback can also speak to a dealer’s integrity.

You can check the dealer’s online presence and see what people were talking about. Then, get a word with them through the phone. After then analyse yourself that either they are talking good ? Aren’t they trying to make you fool or stupid?

Ultimately, you’ll be able to decide whom to sell and whom to not. Don’t sell your antiques to any dealer that makes you feel less or not up to the mark. You might require to rely on this person for additional information and insight and they should provide you this knowledge without an air of superiority.

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